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yoga nidra workshop in rishikesh

Yoga Workshop in Rishikesh

Yoga Nidra is the state of deep yogic sleep. It establishes the link between the conscious desires, will power, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. In this Yoga Nidra workshop you will experience extreme relaxation while residing in a state free of thoughts and emotions. By gaining knowledge and direct experience of this blissful state, you will learn to revisit this incredible state of consciousness on your own.

This workshop is perfect for yoga instructors wanting to gain a new skill to offer to their students and anyone interested in learning about this spiritual, healing practice for his/her own growth and/or to share with others.

Most common Yoga Nidra Benefits

Yoga Nidra induces complete relaxation in the mind and body. Many people claim that Yoga Nidra is a lot more relaxing than even sleep.
Yoga Nidra is considered to be a great stress reliever.
This practice can be used to shape the mind and alter our approach to life, thus helping in dealing with depression and anxiety.
Many practitioners find the quality of their sleep improving drastically after practicing Yoga Nidra.
The mind turns sharper at grasping information and learning becomes much quicker when practicing Yoga Nidra.
Daily practice of Yoga Nidra improves concentration and memory power.
Many diseases can be managed by Yoga Nidra. Such as insomnia, hypertension, migraine, ulcers, digestive disorders and asthma.
Incorporating this into your daily schedule is also said to relieve pressure from the coronary system.

Note : After this workshop we will give you free Yoga Nidra CD which you can use at home and practice Yoga Nidra in your daily life.