Give a Gift to Yourself: Yoga Teacher Training

Have you ever give a precious gift to yourself, I am not talking about a handbag or a dress, I am talking about something valuable for our health. And blissful inside yourself, think about that gift which makes you more enlighten from inside, positive and conscious then have you ever felt. Ask yourself how do I find such a wonderful gift in my life? The answer is, that is yoga.

A Gift That Enriches Your Life

Yoga has many benefits for life, like emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. These benefits are precious, yoga practice made you a new person for life long, you think more positive. Yoga makes us less reactive, less resistant and a whole lot more peaceful.

A Gift That Helps Deal with Stress

Meditation taught us about life, it maintains us more calm and energetic, it helps us to prevent thinking negative thoughts So that we live life fullest. Meditation helps us on an emotional stage, so we come out from the depression and as well as make us a well behaved human being. My wish for everyone is to think more yoga and meditation, think more joy and bliss and less sorrow and depression.

Yoga is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Yoga is a wonderful gift that keeps you giving day by day like health, positivity, trust, relationship, an attitude of giving and serving. When you meet with your friend or family give them a hug which gives you more positivity in the relation. This is the gift that clears my mind and brings joy to my soul.

A Gift That Enriches Nutrition

When you do yoga you change your eating habits, and now you start drinking more water and organic vegan food, also avoid oil and spices in excess use. Take more nutrition in the diet eat veggies and fruits fill with minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate all the essentials in that.

Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly empowering experience that will transform your life. Anant Yoga School in Rishikesh offers Residential 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Pranayama, Meditation, Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India

Become part of a Global Network of Authentic Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools

Anant yoga school is one of the Best Yoga School in Rishikesh, Become a part of the global network of authentic yoga teacher training from the ancient and modern science of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama. Anant Yoga School offering standard courses, and study material in this discipline, however, maintains a sincere, and worldly approach used for students. Our Courses are designed to make them individual seeker and responsive to globally, creating leadership on the supreme level. Teachings have a capacity to attract an intellectual and professional level of students.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE: Affiliated from yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance USA  provide international certification for Yoga Teachers and Schools, and Anant yoga school have sets of standards Yoga and teachers so that students get the most of the knowledge from their daily yoga practice. Yoga Alliance certification is based on standards and provides certification to recognized schools and teachers as well.

Global Network

Anant Yoga School connects with a network of teachers, schools and communities around the world. With Anant Yoga founder Yogi Annat is teaching all across the globe there is a network for all who want to learn in Anant yoga school or they can connect easily.

Authentic Teachings

Anant Yoga School team of teachers is dedicated and experienced with a shared intention of imparting the best Yogic and Vedic teachings. The able leadership of Master Teacher Yogi Anant, all courses are taught in an enriching environment.

Anant Yoga School makes mentors in ancient wisdom simply and purely relevant in today’s time in the most practical way. The teachings offered are authentic and current with our world-class faculty.

A Complete Truly Whole Experience

Anant Yoga School provides training through the ancient yoga method are one of the most complete and well-rounded teachings of Yoga. The students learn in-depth knowledge of the yogic path and learn truly multiple layers of the Yoga not limited to a narrow approach. Yoga Training is in the space for healing and nurturing to the mind, body, and soul.

Pranayama Teacher Training in the Himalaya

09 th May 2017 Pranayama Teacher Training in the Himalaya

It’s time for you to be reborn with multiple Pranayama techniques in the most beautiful part of Himalaya. Discover all beautiful secrets of breathing and learn about this ancient knowledge of vitality, prana and deepest spirituality that will guide you to a new life. With Pranayama, all tensions that block the natural flow of vital energy are being removed. Yes, you maybe heard about many types of Pranayama, but how to become aware of your breathing and automatically detach yourself from the unnecessary thoughts; that is what you will learn with the great specialist in the field of Pranayama and Meditation:

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