Why Choose 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

When you think about yoga as a career, so 200 hours yoga teacher training is first to step to start your journey of a yoga teacher. 200 Hours yoga teacher training is affiliate from Yoga Alliance USA. Which is a certification that is accepted worldwide to teach yoga, nowadays yoga is in compulsory for everyone because life is very hectic day by day.

GET CERTIFIED IN 27 DAYS: 200 Hours of Teacher Training

200 Hours of teacher training is 27 days course when you complete your teacher training course then you get a certificate of yoga teacher training. And 200 Hours you guided and directed as the yoga practitioner, becoming highly professional and qualified yoga teachers in 27 days. Yoga teacher training in India has created the most comprehensive and intense course, especially for everyone. That course is designed by teachers who are having years of experience in yoga techniques and an in-depth study of yoga texts. We will cover the most important aspect of yoga by building a bridge between science and spirituality and between practice and teaching.


In 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, they teach a multi-style yoga practice including Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Ashtanga, Aerial, Acro, Bikram yoga, Iyengar and many other traditions of Indian yoga. In this way, students have the options to choose their style of yoga and learn advanced yoga, after completing 200 hours yoga teacher training, they get knowledge, practice, and teaching for the future.  If the student has any diseases, so they can join yoga teacher training, for their betterment and they can use yoga for others too.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

aqua-ace_20160621_083640Yoga Teacher Training  Course in Rishikesh is famous all over the world. I think that there are more then 150 schools in the little town of Rishikesh. It is said that Rishikesh is birthplace of yoga because many great saints and Rishis practiced yoga there. Although, today many yogis live there and share their knowledge, as well. From all over the world people come and solve the physical, mental and emotional problems through yoga. Here many people come for MTTC  (Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh) for getting knowledge of meditation for well-being and peace; and after finishing MTTC  (Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh) they spread the knowledge to the world. Some people come to increase vital (pranic) energy and to heal themselves. And also many people come to learn PTTC (Pranayama Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh). Continue reading “Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh”

Rishikesh is a Center for Yoga

IMG_1449.JPGYoga is a very old Indian science that is measured as a wonderful healer of assorted lifestyle diseases. The speedily changing way of life has given birth to assorted diseases that are ruining the life of millions of people. Yoga is an amazing science that harbors the heal for these diseases.

Yoga is a very complete field. It is basically a “Sanskrit” word which means the link between soul, mind and body. The belief at the back this is that a correct balance in the life is necessary to get a healthy mind and body. So, it includes various pranayama, asana, mudras, postures and poses related to the mind and body, that help a lot in getting a sickness free body and mind. Continue reading “Rishikesh is a Center for Yoga”