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Is 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training enough to be a Yoga Teacher


Is 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training enough to be a Yoga Teacher, 200 hours teacher training is a basic knowledge of yoga, when you want to join a yoga teacher training course then you have to enroll yourself first in 200hours teacher training. This is the start of your yogic journey but not the finish line of the journey so you have to start your journey with 200 hours of yoga teacher training. As a beginner, this is a perfect way to learn about yoga and grab the basic knowledge of yogic kriyas.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Everything You Want to Know

Are 200 hours TTC enough

About 200 hours of teacher training many misperceptions in this world, it’s enough to be a teacher, this not true because it is only for basic knowledge not for professional learning or advanced level of teacher training. If you want to be a good teacher, you have to join the advanced level of teacher training courses. And do a deep study of yoga where you learn more about postures, balancing, stretching, arm balancing, anatomy, Patanjali yoga sutra,  Bhagvat Geeta, etc. So I believe 200 hours TTC is not enough for a bright future in yoga.

When it’s enough

200 hours of teacher training is enough when you don’t want to be a professional immediately, you just want to learn yoga basics for yourself or you can join some studio as an assistant in your local area. If you don’t have enough finance for an advanced level course then you can take a break after 200 hours teacher training, And try to do a job in as assistance and you can arrange yoga retreat for yoga lovers and you earn with that because yoga retreat are also good options for earning after collecting money you can join advanced level course. And make your future bright with studies of yoga.