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An Insight into Teacher Training at the Anant Yoga

Best Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Yoga is born in Rishikesh India, Rishikesh is the world capital of yoga. Rishikesh surrounded by Himalaya’s mountain series, and the holy river GANGA flow in the middle of the city. Anant yoga is one of the Best yoga school in Rishikesh. That school is allied by Yoga Alliance USA. They served many courses for yoga lovers, as they serve some courses for beginners as well as for the professional. Anant Yoga School have many shorter workshops and retreats programs for the learner.

100, 200, 300, 500 Hour Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh India

As those programs, course, workshops are defining below

100 hours Teacher Training Course

Yoga for beginners 100 hours programme in which we taught basic knowledge about yoga this is for your regular exercise or fitness. It’s a little start for your journey towards a teaching profession. As you want to be a yoga teacher.

200 Hours Teacher Training Course

200 Hours Teacher Training Course also starts for a basic teacher training course in the real meaning where you learn about yoga more closely. In this course, there are many new things add on than 100 hours course. Like anatomy, philosophy of yoga arm balancing, Inverted Posture, Mantra, etc.

300 Hours Teacher Training Course

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced level of yoga, In this course we taught the advanced level of balancing, stretching, postures, anatomy and all further things which are related to yoga. After completion of 200 hours of teacher training, you can do this course as an advanced course.

500 Hours Teacher Training Course

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Is not only for those who done 300 hours or 200 hours Teacher Training as new beginners also can join that course.

Pranayama Teacher Training Course

Pranayama is breathing exercise in which provide professional training and also our program is allied by Yoga alliance YACEP USA. Pranayama has many steps we taught all type of pranayama.

Meditation Teacher Training Course

Meditation is a brain exercise, this exercise for people who face depression, anxiety, and loneliness, we provide meditation professional knowledge to the students. This course also allied by yoga alliance YACEP USA.

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