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Atma Kriya Course
Cost : 150 $
Duration : 3 Days

Atma Kriya Yoga is an ancient tehnique given to this world by two fully realised Masters…Sri Swami Vishvananda from Mauritius and His Guru – Mahavatar Babaji – an immortal Yogi of Himalaya …who is Param Guru of this Atma Kriya Yoga lineage.

It consists of several tehniques as Om chanting,japa,pranayama,asanas,mudras,nada kriya,trinity meditation,main kriya and finally Shaktipath…descent of Grace.

All these tehniques uplift and purify the energy centres in our subtle body(chakas). The Shaktipath awakens one’s latent energy and potential power – kundalini and unlocks the Divine Light that is dormant inside of the chakras.

It burns lifetimes of karma,leading us to the realisation of who we really are. It also quarantees the success of the tehniques and the safety of the Kriya Sadhak. It allows the Kriya Sadhak to make swift progress in the tehniques and to achieve not jst some limited benefits, but the fullness of what Atma Kriya Yoga has to offer and that is Self and God Realisation ( unlimited Love of God ).

The beauty of this tehnique is its simplicity, which allows even a beginner to understand easily how to practise, while at the same time it allows experienced practicioner to go deeper within.

If you want to know more about Atma Kriya Yoga please visit page or if you want to attend the course please contact Pratima – a certified teacher on mail and she will during 3 days course pass on you this anscient knowledge.