Anant Yoga Student Testimonials

Every yoga techer is unique. Every approach is unique. I practiced yoga in different countries with different teachers. Anant's methods reached me really quickly. He knows his students very well and he adjusts the practice to every each one of us. I come to Anant's classes not only to get some excersise but to get something what I can carry with me the rest of the day.
I've met Anant about 3 years ago. At that time my body was full of injuries from stranuous physical activity so I've decided to try yoga and meditation. That's how I've found Anant. After only few months of yoga injuries that were bothering me for years were gone and I was hooked on yoga forever. Anant and I started spending more and more time together so I've learned that yoga is much more then just doing some poses. There is correct way to sit, stand, walk, eat, sleep etc. All of that is yoga. In time, it will correct your body, and if you devote to it, you'll gain incredible willpower. I see life itself as only religion, yoga is practical technique that teaches you how to observe it. It teaches you to let go. If life is art, yoga is a paint brush. Thank you Anant for teaching me how to center myself. I'm ready to go now on my own.
Before Anant ,I thought of Yoga as a class you go to that lasts an hour, or an hour and a half, in which you perform postures. It is supposed to make you feel relaxed, happier, stronger, healthier and more flexible..And than come Anant and everything changed. He opened to me a gate to a new world , world of consciousness, world of energy and how everything is connected and helped me act more kindly and compassionately towards others. I've changed a lot and I know this is just beginning of my journey to the world of consciousness.
For me, Yoga is awerness, balance and good feeling about myself. In Anantyoga I learned how to feel connected with my mind, my body and my soul. Also, I have good time with good people there, so therefore I want to invite people to come to Anantyoga-school, because the experience is worth it. Keep smiling Namaste
Namaste, My name is Barbara. One year ago I started with yoga. At that moment I didn't know anything about it, and to be honest it wasn't love at first sight. But soon, I fell in love with yoga so much that I ask myself ever day Why I didn't started earlier? Where was I before? Anant is teaching us to love our life, to be happier, to be calmer and to smile a lot. Thats's why Anant's students are aware that nothing is imposible- if you can control yout mind, than your body will do anything you whant. I love yoga,it helped my with some of my medical problems, I'm calmer and much more aware of the world around my. Yoga brought my to my life so many beautifoul people. So I definitely say that life is so much more simpler with yoga. Namaste
Namaste My name is Sabrina.I am a school teacher.Yoga became a part of my life a year from now.For me yoga is more than just exercise.It includes not just my body but my mind and my soul too.Doing Anantyoga I fell inlove with this world even more.I am more calmer and peacefull.I would invite all to try Anantyoga and to experiment a whole new world.A world full of love, beauty,inner peace and of course a lot of exercise.Anant is such a wonderful teacher.I read not so long ago that the body acheves what the mind believes.Thats true,I am a proof of that.Give it a try,you will not regret it.
What is Anant Yoga for me? At first it was a means of relaxation and stretching. Primarily because of this I am began attending yoga classes. As time wore on and I attended more yoga classes Anant told us that we need to be self aware and aware of space in which we live. So that the more I went to yoga classes I started to be more aware of some phenomena around myself. Every time on class Anant tell us a story that has a lesson from which we can learn. At the yoga class every time we laugh when our lesson program allows it. I was surprised that Anant always encouraged us to laugh. So every class passes with relaxation, exercise and laughter. At the end I have to admit that when my duties allow it is great pleasure to attend yoga classes led by Anant.
Anantyoga is making me happy and balanced. When you learn how to breathe into difficult poses you can easily breathe into difficult days. It is all about keeping your mind focused, your heart open and being present at the moment . Inner peace is what I find practicing yoga with Anant. and as he says keep on smilin'..