Anant Yoga Foundation

Anant Yoga Foundation Symbol Meaning

Sun indicates the source of energy.
Holy Ganga indicates purity.
Infinity indicates yoga eternity.

The legendary Swan is capable of separating water from milk and take only the wholesome milk. The symbolism of (right) knowledge is thus contained in the choice of the bird. Right Knowledge helps people to reach the right things, while ignoring the false and the evils!

Also, Swan is called 'Hamsa' in Sanskrit which is an abridged form of vedic formula ''Aham Saha" or the final knowledge or realization of the Self as the Ultimate Brahman.

Om (also spelled Aum) is a Hindu sacred sound that is considered the greatest of all mantras. The syllable Om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m (in Sanskrit, the vowels "a" and "u" combine to become "o") and the symbol's threefold nature is central to its meaning. It represents several important triads :

-the three worlds - Earth, Atmosphere, and Heaven
-the three major Hindu Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Siva
-the three sacred Vedic scriptures - Rg, Yajur and Sama